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Have you been looking for a cool new running shoe for your next workout? Reebok has been inspired by hi-performance, Z-Rated tires, and created the Reebok ZQuick training shoe that delivers sports car handling for your feet. They have plenty of color combinations for those of you that like to mix and match your outfits. Best of all, these kicks come in at just under $90 and they are now available in models designed for both running (ZQuick) and training (ZQuick TR). Check out this neat video below and let me know if you buy a pair of the Reebok ZQuick!

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Click here to get a great $10 Deal at iT’Z – includes Game of Bowling, Shoes, Buffet, & Beverage.
Link for Tickets purchased valid for Willowbrook, TX location only!

Link for Tickets purchased valid for Pasadena, TX location only!

Must be used by 2/28/14 or they will be void and can not be refunded!

iT’Z Unlimited Buffet of Pizzas, Pastas, Salads, Baked Potatoes, Soups, and Desserts.
Unlimited Coca Cola Fountain Drinks
1 Game of Bowling (based on 15 mins per game)
Bowling Shoe Rental is included
A Savings of Over 40% off Regular Price!

BONUS FOR Pasadena Location – ONE FREE MONKEY JUMP RIDE with this coupon

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Several weeks ago I was sent the Ozeri 8″ Textured Green Earth Pan to review.

I love my Ozeri products! This is my first kitchen product, but it is just as high quality as the other Ozeri products I own!

Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. They offer digital life style products, products for the kitchen and bathroom, avotre sante, luxury forever, and for health & fitness.

Previously, many Ozeri products were only available at boutique stores and within luxury hotels around the world, but they have recently made their products available to the mass market.


The The 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free)The 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free) also comes in 12″ or 10″.

The 8″ was perfect size for me to make omelets! Unlike other ceramic cookware brands, the Ozeri pan uses an ultra-safe ceramic coating derived from nature which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free.

The Ozeri frying pan is non-stick, and it doesn’t release harmful fumes or toxins at high temps. It is also scratch resistant that is easy to clean.

This is probably the nicest frying pan I have owned. My cast iron skillet that belonged to my grandpa is usually my go too skillet, but sometimes it’s a bit much for big jobs. This pan is perfect to tackle tiny skillet jobs, and it makes NO mess!

My old smaller skillet is all scratched and everything sticks to it so I’ve since retired it. I will stick with Ozeri!

You can find the The 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Smooth Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (100% PTFE and PFOA Free) on Amazon. It’s on sale right now for $25.95, down from $79.99!

Don’t be worried about making a purchase and being disappointed in quality. If you experience any problems with your frying pan, it is fully covered by manufacturer warrant! You can always reach out to the Ozeri Support Team if needed.

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Head here to get the scoop!

Call your local Clinique counter and find out when the best time is to stop by and pick up your FREE 2-week supply of their RepairwearLaser Focus!

I saw someone post that you’ll receive a 2 week supply. Make an appointment to come back in 2 weeks, and you’ll receive ANOTHER 2 week supply. This is equal to their 1 oz bottle valued at $47.50!

Not too shabby if you have a Clinique Counter nearby!

accutane side effects for men
valtrex normal dosage